Do you know what you are looking at online?

When you look at your own website, do you know what you are looking at? Most people don’t see what Google see. And what Google see is NOT on your monitor or screen, it’s all behind in the code.

So judging your website and its possible effectiveness from what you see on screen is not an option. And it’s not just about metatags and it’s not just about SEO. It’s about what Google think of your website, not what you think.

Most companies and their marketing departments are involved in an online vanity exercise and will nearly always end up producing an inward looking view of their company and its products or service offerings…an online brochure of some type. That’s hardly a “customer centric offering,” is it? Does your copy say “we do this and we do that”? I bet it does and that’s the first mistake. Try the “you” word instead…it works better.

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