Business Karma

I’ve always worked on the basis that what goes around comes around. I try to be generous with my network and do somebody a favour if I can. Introducing a contact to someone who can help them out costs nothing but often leads to something unexpected and useful.

Somebody recently asked me how much it would cost them for me to help them with some terms and conditions. I just asked them if they had insurance. I could have sold them T&Cs but they are a start-up and short of cash. Buying insurance is a higher priority than T&Cs and anyway they are in a low risk business. This might sound like revenue suicide and I suppose to some extent it is. But they’ll remember me and one day they’ll probably come back. In the meantime they’ll tell everyone!

Calling Advisers4U costs nothing. We don’t start the clock the minute you call and we’ll never sell you something you don’t need. We’re more interested in building a long term relationship and the way we do this is by being generous (with our time where we can but always with our network of contacts). This is the reputation we had as individuals and this is the reputation we want to build as a business.

If you have a business challenge (or even if you don’t) come and join us.

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