Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the trade

I don’t think it’s any secret that good quality commercial legal support can get expensive.  Here are a few reasons why you might get a nasty surprise at the end of a job (and some ideas about how to avoid this).

Paying for time spent

As the person footing the bill I reckon you’d rather know the cost of getting the job done in advance.  Then you can be sure that the costs are proportionate to the value of the work.  Law firms can often be persuaded to innovate on charging structures to include a fixed price or success fee element, particularly in the current climate.

Paying for non-existent time

Legal charges are still largely based on time spent. Most time recording systems use the concept of a minimum charging unit. This is often 10 or 15 minutes so even a one minute phone call can cost you £50 or more. That’s another good reason to push for a fixed price.

I wouldn’t have started from there if I were you…

Why allow lawyers to send out a contract that nobody in their right mind would sign?  Of course it is part of any commercial lawyer’s job to get the best deal for his or her client; however the cynic might suggest that this gives lawyers the opportunity to spend more time negotiating the terms of a deal back to a position you would probably have accepted in the first place. You can save considerable time and effort by starting from a different place.

Top tips

  • Get more than one quote.
  • Negotiate a fixed price or limit wherever possible and be very clear about the circumstances in which any limit can be exceeded.
  • Decide what seems commercially fair and reasonable to include in the contract before you start and make sure that any contract sent out in your name is aligned with this.

About Darrell Smith

Darrell has been a commercial lawyer for over 20 years.  He worked with three of the largest UK commercial law firms and latterly as General Counsel EMEA and Commercial Director at BNY Mellon Corporation.

He now runs his own commercial and legal consultancy business and is a founder member and director of

Darrell is retained as commercial and legal director by a number of local and national businesses and is a founder member and Managing Director of Tetragen Ltd.

He always hated filling in timesheets so he only works on a fixed fee basis.

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Advisers4u Engaged On New Peer-to-Peer Lending Project

The management team of Advisers4u has been engaged to bring to market a brand new and innovative crowd-funding/peer-to-peer lending idea.

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Advisers4u Install Telecoms

Specialist Iain Kilner has completed the installation of a new telecoms system for NWS Fund Managers LLP in Bradford.Specialist Iain Kilner has completed the installation of a new telecoms system for NWS Fund Managers LLP in Bradford.

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Marketing Consultancy for AA Translations

Advisers4u Chairman Paul Carter has been working with leading European translations services firm AA Translations to identify key target markets and generate prospects for their sales team. AA Translations have a blue chip client list and are known for outstanding project management and client servicing.

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Do you know what you are looking at online?

When you look at your own website, do you know what you are looking at? Most people don’t see what Google see. And what Google see is NOT on your monitor or screen, it’s all behind in the code.

So judging your website and its possible effectiveness from what you see on screen is not an option. And it’s not just about metatags and it’s not just about SEO. It’s about what Google think of your website, not what you think.

Most companies and their marketing departments are involved in an online vanity exercise and will nearly always end up producing an inward looking view of their company and its products or service offerings…an online brochure of some type. That’s hardly a “customer centric offering,” is it? Does your copy say “we do this and we do that”? I bet it does and that’s the first mistake. Try the “you” word instead…it works better.

So if you need a chat about what’s really happening with your website and your online marketing activities, call Charles Clayton on 01943 465022 or Paul Carter on 07808 905434




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Need to improve Operational Effectiveness?

Having worked in a variety of positions (Support/Helpdesk Manager, Customer Service/Contact Centre Management, Operations Management) across several cultures (to include USA, UK, Europe, and India), Charles has gained an abundance of experience in helping to improve service and delivery with a hands on, common sense approach.  This no nonsense, common sense approach has allowed Charles to gain a reputation as someone that can deliver solutions that provide cost effective results.  Charles has managed many successful projects to include LEAN Thinking implementation, Work Transformation/Relocation, Outsourcing/Consultation, Staff Audits, without forgetting to apply the same focus on the key to your business……improved Business As Usual results.

Charles generally achieves these results by applying the four cornerstones to his previous success: Planning and Strategy, Operations, Business Process Improvement, and Leadership/Team Building.  Charles appreciates that all businesses are different and is flexible in his approach to ensure that you get the improvements that you require to grow and evolve your business.  In addition to improving service and delivery, Charles has the ability to understand what it takes to improve your staff performance to ensure that the customer is always treated as the priority.

Now that you know a bit more about Charles, contact Advisers4U for some practical business advice and guidance.

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Advisers4u Install Telecoms

Specialist Iain Kilner has completed the installation of a new telecoms system for NWS Fund Managers LLP in Bradford.

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Business Karma

I’ve always worked on the basis that what goes around comes around. I try to be generous with my network and do somebody a favour if I can. Introducing a contact to someone who can help them out costs nothing but often leads to something unexpected and useful.

Somebody recently asked me how much it would cost them for me to help them with some terms and conditions. I just asked them if they had insurance. I could have sold them T&Cs but they are a start-up and short of cash. Buying insurance is a higher priority than T&Cs and anyway they are in a low risk business. This might sound like revenue suicide and I suppose to some extent it is. But they’ll remember me and one day they’ll probably come back. In the meantime they’ll tell everyone!

Calling Advisers4U costs nothing. We don’t start the clock the minute you call and we’ll never sell you something you don’t need. We’re more interested in building a long term relationship and the way we do this is by being generous (with our time where we can but always with our network of contacts). This is the reputation we had as individuals and this is the reputation we want to build as a business.

If you have a business challenge (or even if you don’t) come and join us.

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Clever Take on Eurozone Debt Crisis

Try this non-aligned blog for the inside track as to what’s happening in the Eurozone debt crisis….

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Life After Business Link?

In many ways it was sad to see the human face of Business Link go this week. Reducing Business Link to a web-based service will be fine for some people, but unusual as it might sound others will need to, you know, speak to somebody, face-to-face as it were. Well done to Shaun Watts of the Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce for setting out to create a ‘network of networks’ to fill the gap…

…and for a refreshing take on the perils of putting too much emphasis on your online marketing strategy alone see the article below from WebCritic.

For 1:1 advice on how to launch your own business call Advisers4U on 07808 905 434 today.


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