Advice and/or Implementation.
You can get one or both...whatever fixes the problem.

Temporary help is much less expensive.
Typical costs for hiring permanent staff are 20+ % of the first year's salary if you use a recruitment company.

Not fixing the problem costs even more money
Fixing it soon makes life a lot easier and less expensive

Getting the inside track on bank charges saves money
We have an ex bank manager for that.

Spam, poor communications and broken IT platforms cost thousands!
Get them fixed soon.

Being ripped off by SEO consultants?
We have a man that protects companies against SEO crooks. He is also very good at monetising B2B and B2C online activities.

We have a very kind HR lady for that. She's also very tough and practical!

And we know a lot of other experienced people in many other business sectors...just ring us on 07808 905 434 and discover more. Ask for Paul Carter.

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Invaluable to any business in need of practical advice
Spencer Cassidy, MD Clean Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd

I'm sure that businesses in and around Leeds will take advantage of this service
Greg Mulholland, MP Leeds North West
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